Pay Per Click & Branding

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is pay-per-click advertising in the sponsored areas of a search engine.

This can be a costly adventure for the DIY’er or the inexperienced. Unless you have deep pockets or never-ending streams of revenue, this is not starter program. We firmly believe that a profitably performing SEM campaign comes from a quality landing page and therefore will not entertain offering you SEM services without one.

Pay-per-click is all about bid in conjunction with quality score. A video from Google is an excellent explanation of how these two things can propel your adwords campaign and make it a success. View this video here. At Dot Kom Consulting we focus on quality score, and in essence lowering your overall cost per click and maintaining the highest position for the most converting traffic.

Unlike many SEM or pay per click marketers, we are not driven by how much money you spend on the search engine, our goal is to convert the highest numbers of clicks into leads and phone calls. We offer full transparency and educate you every step of the way so you know what you are spending, why, and how that equates to new customers and money in your pocket.


So, your business has great traffic… and maybe a steady stream of new customers. What next? Branding. Infamous soda brands, and fast food companies started the same way. People loved their product, and slowly they built their brand with the iconic golden arches and red cans.

Dot Kom Consulting takes these initial steps with you to develop slogans, catchphrases and logos that help identify your company as the “go-to” and widely recognized brand they assimilate when they think of your industry. We are truly a full service consulting agency that will help you grow your business in the direction you see for your company.

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