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Squarespace vs WordPress


When it Comes to Web Design, Which Do You Choose? Squarespace vs Wordpress

Squarespace vs WordPress. Do you struggle to wonder about creating a website that is not only beautiful but also functional? If your answer is yes, then you might have also considered the right platform to choose. Squarespace vs. WordPress is a debate that never appears to grow old. Both platforms are great at designing wonderful websites that meet your requirements. Each platform has a list of its pros and cons, which are worth considering before settling on the best.

Where website building tools are concerned, you cannot go wrong by choosing either Squarespace or WordPress. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of each platform since this is a crucial step in understanding the best ways of using them for your business. To understand each platform well and find the best one to choose for your business, take time examining it using the following parameters:


WordPress is usable and customizable by being one of the best open source platforms. More than 23 percent of all websites in the world depend on WordPress. Squarespace, however, is not an open source platform. Therefore, you must pay for any Squarespace tool that you wish to use on your website. Developers who use Squarespace understand that they work in a closely controlled, highly monitored and well-tested environment. This is very similar to shopify websites as well.

Ease of Use

WordPress makes it easier to change codes, thus ensuring that they do whatever you want them to do. WordPress offers more flexibility than Squarespace. However, the latter does not need too much effort and time to learn to use. Moreover, Squarespace offers more restrictions when you want to customize the website. Squarespace offers glimpses of how the site will eventually look. WordPress does not provide such glimpses, not unless you preview the website.


WordPress is the platform to use if you need extensive support because it has a large community. Moreover, it provides limitless resources, which include tutorials. It might be a bit challenging to sift through the endless resources to find what you need. In such a case, you would be better off hiring a professional with years of experience while using WordPress. On the other hand, it only takes roughly 1 hour to receive help from the Squarespace support team, though.

Continuous Maintenance

As successful as WordPress is, it keeps churning out new ways of fixing bugs and improving security of your website. Keep updating the WordPress site when new updates emerge. This is difficult with multiple plugins and a custom theme, thus you need to hire a professional. The Squarespace team tests all updates before pushing them to your website. WordPress packs more power than Squarespace, especially about continuous maintenance.


Squarespace has unique packages that befit your financial ability. Your options include paying a monthly rate of $5 for Landing Page, $8 for Personal, $18 for Business, $26 for Basic Store and $70 for Advanced Store. WordPress requires acquiring your own hosting for an average of $7 per month. However, despite WordPress requiring hosting, most templates are free to use.

To develop an SEO-rich website, WordPress delivers on flexibility due to increased plugins, and the endless round the clock support that it provides. For the best results, consider hiring a professional to build a WordPress website which implements SEO aimed at added impact for your online business.


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