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Manage Your Online Reviews


Proactively Manage Online Customer Reviews

Managing your company’s online customer reviews is a vital part of its overall success. Before the age of the world-wide-web, management of a company’s reputation commonly relied more on PR campaigns, news reports, word-of-mouth and highly regarded critics. Today, consumers take their voice online! Competition for customers has increased, as technology has expanded. For example, did you know that search engine analytics change more than 400 times per year on Google alone? These changes can affect the way you manage your reputation and online customer reviews.

Most review sites allow for businesses to respond and engage with their customer reviews. Whether your review is positive or negative you should always thank your reviewer. They have either uncovered an area that needs improvement or shared a thought or perspective that others may have had as well- but did not voice. Having a good mix of mediocre, bad and positive reviews about your business shows potential customers a very real side to your business. No one is perfect, and not every customer will be 100% satisfied. When consumers see only positive reviews it feels invalid or fake, as though you bribed customers or had family members write only good things, and leaves you wondering what they might be hiding.

Responding to reviews shows that you value their business and you are on top of what is being said about your company. Keep in mind that these reviews, and your response, are public. If there are matters you should deal with regarding a negative review, it is best to take it off-line. Write a simple thank you and request a phone call or meeting in person to make things right, the last thing you want is to come across argumentative.

Staying Proactive

By taking a hands-on approach and remaining involved with online customer reviews, you can accelerate the success of your business. Moreover, you can increase customer satisfaction. This can help you to deliver better products and services overall. After you have launched a plan to manage your online customer reviews, you will have a measurable way to upsurge a positive online presence. By elevating your websites’ online presence, you are making your company more visible to potential customers. Correspondingly, your website traffic and sales may significantly soar upward. Staying abreast of your online reviews, can help create a better user experience. Moreover, the success of your business can be greatly impacted by amplifying positive online responses written by your customers. 

Being involved in the online conversation about your business speaks volumes regarding how much you value your customers. When customers feel valued they tend to spend more money, repeat business, and tell others about you too. Reputation management is a value-added component Dot Kom Consulting offers to our customers. It is one of many very important ingredients to search engine optimization, and one less thing our clients have to manage. Call today for a free consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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