seo services and internet marketing tampa floridaDot Kom Consulting is an SEO Company which provides small businesses with an opportunity for first-page placement on search engines through SEO services (optimization). We make your website “find-able” to the search engines. Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Imagine a billboard in the middle of the desert, with no roads.. who sees it? That is exactly what happens to your website without SEO. We are going to build those roads!

The old adage: “If you build it, they will come” does NOT apply (except for cornfields in Iowa, according to a witty friend). Dot Kom Consulting not only builds the highway to your website, but we tell everyone about it so they take that road frequently and notice your billboard. We are a local SEO company  that works hard to get your website placed on the first page.

So what exactly is SEO Services?

search engine optimization for websites tampa floridaSEO stands for search engine optimization. All search engines such as Google, Yahoo-Bing and the like have a formula they use to rank your website. They use this formula to determine what order you rank on their search engine results page (SERP). SEO is the service we provide to “optimize” the formula ingredients that are most important and help the search engines realize your business should be chosen first! We speak Google’s language.

How Do You Make My Website Findable?

There are two ranking signals the search engines use when comparing sites and determining which should be ahead of the other: Relevancy and Popularity. Relevancy is what is used to determine whether or not the content on your site has anything to do with the keywords you are trying to rank for, and how much of an expert you are in your field. Content, keywords, and metadata all contribute to your scorecard. Popularity is as simple as it sounds, how much traffic you send to your site, how well you are liked by your visitors. Bounce-rate, backlinks and referring traffic benefit this agenda. There are two types of  SEO that must be conducted in order to find success ranking your site and making it findable: On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. Relevancy is your on-site SEO, and popularity is your off-site SEO. Dot Kom does BOTH!

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Did you know that currently 78% of all search online comes from Google?

 Are you aware 90% or 9 out of 10 people DO NOT move past the first page of Google?

Did you know approximately 33% of traffic from Google comes from the FIRST organic listing on the search page?

Ask yourself HOW MUCH business you currently get from the internet… and then ask yourself how much BETTER could it be if you were on the first page of Google?

So, what now? you are in need of marketing services for your business and maybe you’ve done business with other agencies that have failed to deliver. Have you determined if you want paid traffic or organic traffic delivered to your website? You can read more about sponsored listings and organic listings here to learn more. If SEO services is what you’re after, GREAT! Go ahead and fill out the get started form and we will contact you immediately, or if you prefer, give us a call! If you’re looking for PPC services and sponsored ads online, we can help you there too. Let us know how we can help your business grow, we’re confident we can! Are you a lawyer or attorney looking for local seo? We work with all types of small businesses and excel with the most competitive categories. Give us a call and evaluate what we can do for you.

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Statistically, happy employees are 12% more productive. Since Florida is the sunshine state, and sunshine spurs happiness- We are effectively your best partner! Get in touch with us today!