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What Is Social Bookmarking?


What is Social Bookmarking and How will it Help Your Website?

Social Bookmarking is a marketing tool used to store, organize, and manage all your bookmarked webpages. Favoriting and saving links to web pages they like or wish to share, will usually do so by bookmarking sites to store these specific links. Of course, these bookmarks are public and can be viewed by other members of your site. Most bookmarking sites have users apply tags or keywords that lead other users to the content on the web site. So choosing a specific tag allows users to find and view that specific content on the website, thanks to bookmarking. In some cases, users can also comment and vote on said bookmarking content.

Now bookmarking has many ways it can help promote your website to a user base. For example, websites like Digg.com along side Del.icio.us help your social bookmarking be exposed to important viral traffic. People will reach your site much quicker through this form of social bookmarking and those people who reached your content was more than likely referred by someone else whose content was also bookmarked. However, be warned, some of these social bookmarking sites will mark links out to other sites and clarify them in the category of do not follow. This then does the opposite and ruins your chance of growth with your social bookmarking. Search engines are equipped with listing any results from bookmarking sites. You will fall under the bookmarking listing and in turn have an extra opportunity for more traffic to your website.

Yet another pro is that people can often tag your site through social bookmarking sites. People who tend to bookmark have the same tendency to bookmark more than one site. Consider yourself incredibly lucky if you find yourself on multiple lists. Add social bookmarking buttons to your website because this will increase links to your blog or website which then makes it easier for readers to click and save your content.

There are digital saturation problems where people may be sharing similar content to what you are sharing. This means you have to creatively attract those to your links by setting yourself apart from others. Only bookmark sites that you know give positive ratings. In addition, make sure your tags and keywords lead correctly to your links. The last thing you want to do is create a topic with a link that does not relate to that said topic. Be creative and smart with what you share and social bookmarking can be a great added benefit to your online strategy and SEO!


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