Like every great internet company got their start, it all began in our garage. No, just kidding.

Dot Kom was born from a concept of a lost art, fulfillment. For the most part, managing your internet presence should be fairly straight-forward. You pay for a service, you expect the service to be fulfilled. Somehow this basic principal has been lost on most internet service companies.

We have worked for these large agencies promising hopes and dreams, selling a service that will never be fulfilled properly or entirely. So what is the disconnect? and what makes us different? Keeping it simple. There are core services that build the foundation of your online presence- Content, Activity, and Connection.

We make sure that your site and your online profiles have content that speak to your customer’s desires. The activity we provide keeps your business constantly in the spotlight. We connect with your customers through social media both on and offline to ensure you are always talked about. We stay on top of the trends to be sure your site has the latest and greatest ingredients to make it a success.

We are reinventing the service and fulfillment wheel.

Greetings from Tampa, FL!

Statistically, happy employees are 12% more productive. Since Florida is the sunshine state, and sunshine spurs happiness- We are effectively your best partner! Get in touch with us today!