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Use Instagram to Socially Optimize Your Business

Instagram is quickly becoming the best place to be if you are a small business. It has somewhere around 300 million users a month so its definitely one you should be using! One of the things you have to know about Instagram is that unlike those other sites like Facebook which has a lot of bells and whistles, is that Instagram is pretty streamlined. It doesn’t have a lot of the same features of Facebook, but its designed to be all about visual aspects ie; photos and videos. If you don’t have an account with them, but you would like to set one up, continue reading below for directions, as well as how to use it to benefit your business. It’s a great social marketing tool to promote your business online.

Downloading The Instagram App

Instagram is app based. Because of this you will have to use this from your Smartphone; Windows, Apple or Android.

Create An Account

The next thing you need to do is create an account using your business email. It WILL give you the option to sign up using your Facebook, but you are a business, and this is your business Instagram account, so don’t do that! Instead, use your default business email address. You will want to brand yourself and the account. Use your business logo, something you are known for such as a specific product picture, your business picture, etc. For the username, pick something that is relevant to you ie; your name or your business name. This makes it easier for people to find you on Instagram.

More About Pictures

The picture you want to use can be picked by clicking the +photo button on the top of the page. This is the place you will choose your icon, which is a thumbnail. It should be clear enough to make out what it is, and again relevant.

Profile Information

Once you choose your photo, one that you hopefully really like, and you click okay, you will then be asked to fill out some very basic profile information such as your name and phone number. If you have a business name, include it in the name section, however, if you ARE the face of your business, use that in the name section. Instagram will also give you extra options like the rest of your profile page telling you to enter in a business URL. Make sure you do this! You can also add some of your other information like location, other social networks connecting it to Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the app has a social sharing option as well. Use it to your advantage. You should see a gear icon, once you tap it, you should see the ability to link accounts.

How To Get More Followers

There are three great ways to get followers. First, make sure that you link your social accounts! This will also allow you to “find friends.” Second, make sure that when you follow someone you like their posts. This encourages sharing, and when someone follows you, it is social courtesy to “follow them” back. Do this for them and others will do it for you also. Lastly, make sure, like with any social site, you use relevant hashtags! Hashtags allow users to search, and when they do, if your image is tagged, it will populate in the search query so that people who do not currently follow you, can- and “like” your photo. Interact with other user’s posts. They will receive a notification of your comment and check you out, if they like your content they will follow you. And finally, use other social channels like Facebook and Twitter to give a shout out and ask for followers.

Engage your followers with creative photos or updates on your business. Have you completed a new project? Or received a new shipment? There are lots of ways to keep your followers updated on your business. Keep it relevant and make sure that you use a call to action – even with in the location field. It offers highly visible space to add a URL or CTA. It is an excellent source of social media optimization that will help your search engine rankings.

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Let us know your thoughts on Instagram. What do you do to engage followers? What types of posts are most successful for you?


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